Hans & Zo

My sister Zoe and her awesome fiance Hans are getting married in 3 weeks! 
They asked me to make the rings and after much angst and experimenting, I am having them engraved this afternoon.
Hope you guys enjoy them! xxxx

Video Making Fun!

My beautiful and talented friend Natalie came over today for a creative date. 
We made a new video for my fantastic website, which she designed! It is still in the editing phase but here are some shots she took from this afternoon.
Hope you had a good one too...

I'm back from holidays and ready to kick 2012's butt!

So I have been working on some pieces... slooowly since in order 
 to make them I need a day job. 

If you are a patron of the arts, feel free to contact me! Here is one I am hoping to make in the next few weeks.

Fingers crossed I don't go bankrupt in the process! I have also been working on my sister and brother-in-law's wedding rings, 
only a few short months left! yay!

I also have a few more pieces coming to my Etsy store in a week once Zab and I take new photos. 
Keep watching!

Etsy Shoot!

So in between working days and staying up waaaaay too late at night (re) reading The Hunger Games Trilogy (I'm so scared for Peeta even though I've read the books before!), I managed to pull myself together and get some creative work done!
Zab came over today to eat mangoes, lollies and De'lights (ok so Zab ate half a mango and I ate EVERYTHING else) ...and to take some photos for my Etsy store!

Zab, you are one lovely hot chicka and you should expect a nice (potentially late) Christmas gift.

Anyhow, these are just the first two taste testers she's sent me....

What do we think people? She's a pretty smart cookie eh?

Business Cards

Once again Zabrina Wong (zabrinawong.com) absolutely kills it! 
...Here are my business cards.