Etsy Shoot!

So in between working days and staying up waaaaay too late at night (re) reading The Hunger Games Trilogy (I'm so scared for Peeta even though I've read the books before!), I managed to pull myself together and get some creative work done!
Zab came over today to eat mangoes, lollies and De'lights (ok so Zab ate half a mango and I ate EVERYTHING else) ...and to take some photos for my Etsy store!

Zab, you are one lovely hot chicka and you should expect a nice (potentially late) Christmas gift.

Anyhow, these are just the first two taste testers she's sent me....

What do we think people? She's a pretty smart cookie eh?

Business Cards

Once again Zabrina Wong ( absolutely kills it! 
...Here are my business cards.

Heading North with Zab and Eli.

While adventuring to the Northern Beaches today, the fantastic, amazing Zabrina Wong ( some snaps... and here is one with my taj mahal necklace (available on by the end of this week).


I just wanted to say to everyone at my grad show last night - thank you so much for your interest and support. I love that you guys like my work! Please keep checking back, in the next 2 weeks I'll have many more pieces up for sale on my etsy store... So please help a struggling artist out and buy them! Oh and please email me if you've seen something in particular you like and I can try and make it for you faster.

a protoype I made on Friday.... Xx Chrissy

A few more sketches

Since I may be going to India next year... and still on my Taj Mahal tangent I ordered some prototypes today...
Rose Gold
 Black Plastic

 Black Plastic

 Rose Gold

 Rose Gold 

  Rose Gold and Leather

What makes mango icey poles better? ICECREAM!!!

After work tonight I came home, made my icey poles better and then got to work on some real stuff.... watching Pride and Prejudice on iview and making some necklaces and earrings.
Hope Julie likes them!  


Here are some photos of my new packaging... do you like?

Thoughts? Suggestions? all are welcome.